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Your faculty and staff news since 1965
December 13, 2004
Volume 40, Number 5

Endowed fellowships to aid preservation

The UNM School of Architecture and Planning recently initiated a graduate certificate program in historic preservation and regionalism under the direction of Professor Chris Wilson, J.B. Jackson Chair of Cultural Landscape Studies.

The program has received funds from the George Pearl estate and Senate Bill 14 for two endowed fellowships.

“The selected Pearl fellows would rotate on an annual or biannual basis, and recipients of these will be solicited regionally, nationally and possibly globally,” Wilson said.

“These distinguished professionals will infuse the school in historic preservation, design and planning with their perspectives and experiences through public lectures, guest seminars and direct interactions with students,” he said.

Roger Schluntz, dean of the School of Architecture and Planning, said, “Mr. Pearl’s foresight, generosity and solid support for this school and its programs might well serve as an outstanding example for other philanthropists and friends.”