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December 13, 2004
Volume 40, Number 5

Branch campus/state news

Peace certificate offered at UNM-Taos

By Carolyn Gonzales

Barri Sanders, UNM-Taos adjunct professor, says it is important to keep competition on the playing field. Although the name – and maybe even the message – sounds remarkably like a certain Detroit Lions Hall of Famer, this Barri is dedicated to much more peaceable pursuits.

Sanders moved to Taos five years ago after retiring from teaching international relations and development at the University of Maryland. Missing student contact, she approached UNM-Taos about offering a peace certificate.

To earn the certificate, students are required to take 30 hours of interdisciplinary courses in topics ranging from psychology and interpersonal relations to global peace, Sanders said.

“Because the courses cover behavioral psychology, group dynamics and an international perspective, students are receiving input from diverse disciplines,” Sanders said.

Students pursuing the certificate are freshmen and sophomores. They learn about personal behavior as well as social behaviors and even delve into cross-cultural mediation. “They can apply their knowledge in the areas of family studies, communication studies and education, among others,” she said.

Students have reaped the benefit of earning the peace certificate. “We actually had recipients have better job opportunities because employers recognize their training in non-violent problem solving and mediation,” she said.

Sanders is also developing an advanced peace scholar certificate. “It will include upper division courses and an internship,” she said.

One of Sanders goals is to have the peace certificate noted on
students’ transcripts.