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December 13, 2004
Volume 40, Number 5

Photo Album

President Louis Caldera, second from right, presented the 2004 Gerald W. May Staff Recognition Award to three recipients recently at the Continuing Education Conference Center. Honored were Sandrea Gonzales, director, Women’s Resource Center, center; Lorraine Gutierrez, University House assistant; and Laurie Mellas Ramirez, senior public affairs representative, Public Affairs Department, far left. Past presidents Gerald May and Richard Peck, far right, and Staff Council President Steve Borbas, rear, attended. Photo by Greg Johnston.


KRQE-TV, Ch. 13 anchor Dick Knipfing interviews Judith Espinosa, director of UNM’s Alliance for Transportation Research Institute, about New Mexico leading the nation in pedestrian fatalities. Espinosa has been appointed chair of the Washington D.C. based Surface Transportation Policy Project, a national transportation reform organization. Photo by Greg Johnston.


School of Architecture and Planning Dean Roger Schluntz, center left, and Provost Brian Foster, center right, welcome Kevin Smith, Cardinal Health, and Roxanna Meyers, Century Sign Builders, to the Dean’s Council for Excellence in Architecture and Planning. The new corporate donors brings membership to 50. Photo by Carolyn Gonzales.


Rev. Patrick Pollard (left), First Church of Religious Science, was one of 30 clergy and lay religious leaders who attended, “Faith Traditions, Tax Policy, and the Good Society,” brought to campus by Richard Wood (right), sociology professor and principle investigator at UNM’s Institute for Social Research. . Photo by Carolyn Gonzales.