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Current Issue:  April 22, 2002
Volume 37, Number 19

Human Resources

Health insurance plans selected

By Susan A. Carkeek, Associate VP/Director of Human Resources

UNM has selected four health insurance plans for faculty and staff for the coming fiscal year. Open enrollment packets will arrive at your home this week. Please read the material carefully so you are prepared to make changes to your health insurance during the open enrollment period, from April 29 through May 17. All changes will be made through the Interactive Voice System at 277-9568.

The three HMO programs you can choose from include: CIGNA/Lovelace Healthcare; Cimarron Health Plan; and Presbyterian Health Plan. The plans are similar to those we currently have, but they do have new features and there are more differences in benefits among the new plans.

The fourth plan offering is new, CIGNA Healthcare POS (Point of Service). This plan has two types of benefits: in-network and out-of-network. The in-network portion has an HMO plan design through the Lovelace Network with service coordinated by a Primary Care Physician with in-network providers. There is no deductible for in-network benefits and it has co-payments.

The out-of-network option allows you to use any licensed provider outside the network. This option has a deductible and requires a coinsurance. If you are considering this plan, be sure to review your open enrollment material for the details on what it includes.

We are not offering a PPO this year. If you are currently enrolled in CIGNA Healthcare PPO, you must enroll in another plan if you want medical insurance for the coming year.

Co-pays for the three HMO’s remain the same at fifteen dollars per visit. However, if you visit a UNM provider under Cimarron, the co-pay has been reduced to ten dollars. Prescription drug co-pays are the same for all HMO plans. Mail order prescription prices are the same for Presbyterian and lower for Lovelace. Cimarron now has a three-tier plan which will cover some prescriptions not currently covered.
All HMO plans have experienced premium increases. These vary according to the plan, your salary, and the single/dual/family coverage levels. Single coverage premium increases range from $7.88 to $23.14 per month. For dual coverage, the premium increases range from $15 to 43.92 per month. Family coverage premium increases range from $18.16 to 53.13 per month.

We will be hosting Health Information sessions at Main Campus, Health Sciences Center and the branch campuses during the open enrollment period. Look for the schedule in your open enrollment material and on the Department of Human Resources website under What’s New.