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January 18, 2005
Volume 40, Number 6

Coordinator describes 'State of Project LINK'

By Fred Youberg

Here’s the “State of Project LINK” as 2005 begins:

Banner Finance is “live.” Purchases and payments involving external vendors and reimbursements to employees are being processed electronically. This includes approvals for these transactions.

Ad hoc reporting capabilities for finance users are still hampered by immature vendor reporting software and limited internal resources. We continue to develop user support strategies (training, online knowledge bases, LINK Service Center, and other communication tools), but there’s much new information to disseminate and digest and limited time and capacity to do it.

Our Student/Academic and Financial Aid projects are working on design and implementation issues. This fall, we will use our new systems to recruit and admit students for the fall 2006 semester. In preparation, project teams are working on the decisions, definitions and training necessary to ensure that the software performs correctly and that faculty and staff are prepared. When complete, our students, faculty and staff will enjoy electronic access and self-service for many routine transactions that currently involve multiple phone calls and trips to offices.

Experienced IT project manager Bonnie Young was recently hired to lead our Human Resources/Payroll project. Bonnie is assembling her implementation teams and planning for their Banner software training next month. When “live” in January 2007, we’ll enjoy online time and leave reporting, electronic personnel action notices and online employee self service for benefits and personal demographics. Our e-Hire and e-Jobs applications will be interfaced with the new systems.

I encourage faculty and staff to become involved, even if only to stay informed. To become actively involved, contact one of our four Project Directors: Finance - Ava Lovell (alovell@unm.edu); Student/Academic - Liz Jenkins (ejenkins@unm.edu); Financial Aid - Ron Martinez (ronm@unm.edu); and Bonnie Young - HR/Payroll (b1young@unm.edu).