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February 14, 2005
Volume 40, Number 7

LINK/HR Payroll project begins

By Fred Youberg

This month marks the official beginning of our Human Resources and Payroll implementation project. This nearly 24-month project will replace our aging Human Resource System (HRS), which was installed in 1990.

The new Web-based Banner software will be fully integrated with our Banner Finance, Student/Academic and Financial Aid systems. It will provide for electronic time and leave entry, extensive self-service capabilities for university employees and for the first time, a true “general person” record.

It will provide numerous ways to do time and leave reporting. Some departments may decide to allow their employees to sign on and enter their own hours worked, leave requested and leave taken, and then have it verified by a supervisor before going to Payroll. Other departments may choose to centralize the online time and leave entry for their employees. Either way, employees walking paper time reports around campus will become a thing of the past.

Just like our new student systems, the HR/Payroll system will allow extensive self-service for many personnel transactions. Employees will be able to update their own demographic information, manage their own benefits, check leave balances and do other common transactions that today require numerous telephone calls, memos, forms and visits to various administrative offices.

A “general person” record will allow us to integrate in a single record all the information concerning an individual who has a relationship to UNM. I’ll use myself as an example. As an employee, my information is stored in HRS. As a past UNM student, my information is also stored in the student information system. As a graduate of UNM, I also am in the Alumni system. And, since I periodically receive reimbursements from the university, I am also set up as a “vendor” in the Finance system. The Banner software will bring all disparate information about me together in one place, ensuring that when I decide to move, all my records will be updated with my new address.

For more information, visit http://link.unm.edu and click on the HR/Payroll tab.