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Your faculty and staff news since 1965
February 14, 2005
Volume 40, Number 7

President's Update

Teamwork furthers legislative effort
Supporters to meet with congressional delegation

By Louis Caldera

CalderaThe roots of the word “team” go back to a centuries-old expression that meant “to lead.” Nowhere is this connection plainer than in the efforts so many of you have been making in 2005 on behalf of UNM’s principal legislative priorities: a new Centennial Engineering facility and improved funding for Health Sciences Center operations.

UNM leadership is coming from a team of people across our campus and our constituency. I saw hundreds of them last week who made the trip to Santa Fe to be at our alumni reception or participate in UNM Day at the State Capitol. On a daily basis, faculty are giving expert testimony or making contacts with key legislators; students are speaking persuasively about the issues that affect them; staff are providing reams of bill analysis and support. This is teamwork of the most effective and powerful kind, because of the unique perspective and voice that each individual brings to the task.

Even with legislative help, effective teamwork will also be required to confront the daunting fiscal challenges at UNM’s Health Sciences Center that I’m sure you have been reading about. Though the challenges are not of our making – i.e., the burgeoning volume of uncompensated care we are asked to provide for New Mexico’s most vulnerable residents – in the end, they are ours to solve. That means that doctors, nurses, technicians, faculty, staff, students, regents, legislators and leaders across the state will have vital roles to play in implementing the HSC’s strategic plan for improvement, and continuing to provide the highest quality education and patient care.

Later this month, UNM regents and senior staff will be meeting with friends, alumni and members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation in Washington., D.C. We will be discussing the university’s federal priorities, as well as thanking them for their support for our hospitals, patient care initiatives and efforts to expand the scope of our research and education programs across the campus. I wish it were possible for me to personally thank all the members of “Team UNM” in just the same way, for all the leadership you’re providing this great university. Keep up the good work – and go Lobos!