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March 14, 2005
Volume 40, Number 8

HR offers career-building programs

By Susan Carkeek

The university is committed to providing training programs and continuing education for employees to help them perform their roles and responsibilities effectively, build upon competencies in the changing work environment, and develop and enhance their careers at UNM.

Many of these programs are available through Human Resources Employee and Organizational Development. EOD offers workshops on administrative, management, personal, and professional development topics. During this past fiscal year, 3,157 employees participated in 196 training programs.

One of the programs we are most proud of is our Management Academy. The academy is a comprehensive training program designed to provide current and aspiring UNM managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform managerial duties. As one recent graduate said, “Management Academy gave me real world knowledge and confidence when I needed it most.”

What differentiates the program from other managerial training is that it is specifically focused on the challenges and responsibilities of management at UNM. The academy curriculum is integrated and a group of participants progress through the nine-month program together. HR on Campus, a national publication, recently called UNM “an innovative leader” for creating this unique training opportunity for our employees. The Management Academy concept has been presented at the CUPA-HR National Conference.

Since the program’s inception in January 2003, a total of 81 individuals have completed academy certification requirements. Of these, 40 graduates received promotions within the same or different departments as a direct result of this extensive training. On Friday, March 18, UNM’s Management Academy will host its third graduation ceremony, where we will celebrate the accomplishments of 40 dedicated individuals from around the university.

The program has been so successful that a UNM Service Academy is being developed based on this model. This new program will be for entry-level positions and will focus on effective customer service skills. We expect to have more information about this new program later this year.

For information about the programs EOD offers, visit the Web site at http://www.unm.edu/~hrinfo/.