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March 14, 2005
Volume 40, Number 8

LINK has 'skinny' on Banner reporting

By Fred Youberg

Seldom in my 27 years here at UNM have I seen so many people working so hard to fix a problem like this. For my part, as Project LINK coordinator, I would like to give you the facts as I have discovered them.

Who’s having trouble with Banner reporting? Every department—academic, administrative, research and public service—is in the same boat. We’re all having difficulty getting financial reports out of Banner Finance.

What’s wrong? The Operational Data Store (ODS) we purchased as part of our SungardSCT Banner suite does not work as we thought it would. This is where all the data is stored for reporting purposes. The transaction data that we thought would be there, isn’t, and the data that is, is often in error.
Compounding the problem, Hyperion, our report writing tool, is not working reliably.

What’s being done to fix the situation? Both SungardSCT and Hyperion have consultants on-site to help us get their products working correctly. Using Banner ePrint functionality, staff from the Controller’s Office developed six financial reports in Adobe (pdf) format that provide reports similar to the old FRS reports.

There are two problems with this interim solution: the reports do not include transactions posted since the close of the previous month and the huge file size results in long download times and cumbersome searching. The good news is that the controller certifies the data.

What’s the two-month forecast? Additional “monthly” financial reports will be created with ePrint and “indexed” to help you find your data faster. Six months? The ODS environment will be stabilized and you will be able to run Hyperion reports on every data element captured in the process from a purchase requisition to a vendor check.

Twelve months? All billing/receivables and approvals/security information will be included in the ODS for report generation with Hyperion. All information in the ODS will be downloadable in a variety of application formats like Excel, Access and plain text. Like they say on TV: “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Your patience is appreciated.”

Here’s a Web page that will give you instructions for accessing available Banner reports: http://link.unm.edu/Training/Finance/FIN_Reports.htm.