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Your faculty and staff news since 1965
March 14, 2005
Volume 40, Number 8

Staff scholarships awarded

From left, Margaret Gonzales, Bridgette Wagner and Dina Ma’ayan are the first recipients of the Academic Support Scholarship for Staff. Not pictured: Lucille Cordova. Photo by Steve Carr.
The Provost’s Committee for Staff recently announced the first recipients of the Academic Support Scholarship for Staff.

Margaret Gonzales, group administrator, Graduate Studies; Dina Ma’ayan, development coordinator, University Libraries; Bridgette Wagner, web designer, College of Pharmacy; and Lucille Cordova, administrative assistant, Chicano Studies, are the recipients.

Gonzales is currently working on her MPA with a concentration in public finance and budgeting. Ma’ayan is pursuing her master’s in counseling; Wagner is working on a bachelor’s degree in English and Cordova is working on her master’s in American Studies. Each were recognized during a lunch in their honor on March 2.

“I’m very honored to be one of the first to receive what I hope becomes a long standing tradition of scholarships for staff,” Wagner said. “I want to convey my thanks to the Provost’s Committee for Staff and the provost for taking the initiative to help staff improve their lives.”

The Provost’s Committee for Staff, in partnership with the Human Resources department, created the new program to assist staff as students. The new financial support scholarship is designed to help staff who utilize their tuition remission benefit.

The scholarship provides UNM employees an opportunity to apply for a financial support scholarship to help cover the costs of academic books, course fee(s) and other related course supplies. The award will be given on a semester basis.

“It really helps that they acknowledge us as staff and support us in our educational efforts,” said Gonzales. “I have two daughters at UNM who attend on the Lottery Scholarship. We have to juggle money all the time so whatever financial help we can get to help us through school is always welcomed.”

“It’s nice to know that our employer is supporting our academic efforts,” said Ma’ayan.

A fund has been setup through an account at the UNM Foundation. UNM employees interested in contributing to this fund will have the option to do so through payroll deductions. The purpose of the foundation account will be to help grow the fund and provide increased financial support to our staff.

The PCS was organized and formed in 1989 to assist the provost in determining what activities would provide UNM staff with opportunities for growth, recognition and service.