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April 18, 2005
Volume 40, Number 9

Branch campus/state news

G.O. bond expands Gallup facilities

By Linda Thornton

With G.O. bond funds now available for expanding the campus, UNM Gallup is developing detailed plans to construct new facilities and update existing ones.

The process kicked off in March with a meeting of college administrators, faculty, staff and UNM-Gallup local board members. John Petronis, president of Architectural Research Consultants of Albuquerque, a company helping to develop the master planning process, was present as was Gil Berry of UNM main campus Facilities Planning. Petronis and Berry outlined plans for creation of a detailed master plan. Petronis emphasized that the process will involve gathering input from all college constituencies and the community-at-large.

“This is a very exciting period in the life of our college,” said Dr. Beth Miller, Executive Director of UNM-Gallup. “Expansion of the campus, made possible by the positive support of our community, will enable UNM-Gallup to meet the expanding educational needs of the next generation of students. Just as important is the fact that this expansion will better enable us to support the community itself with special projects and programs that are vital to the economic and social health of McKinley County.

“Among the factors this process will consider are student enrollment, program changes, classroom needs, financial resources, and goals. This is a comprehensive effort to ensure the best possible use of the resources available to us,” Miller said.

Although detailed plans for new buildings are not yet completed the top priority is a new Health Careers facility that can support the nursing program as well as new certificate programs for health care assistants.

Petronis said, “I am pleased to be involved as the stage is set for future growth and expansion.”
Regular reports of expansion plans will be available at