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Your faculty and staff news since 1965
April 18, 2005
Volume 40, Number 9

New portal debuts fall semester

By Steve Carr

A new portal will make its debut when faculty, staff and students return for the 2005 fall semester. The SCT Luminis Platform III portal will provide the UNM campus with a solid foundation of infrastructure, enterprise applications and features required to support an institution’s digital campus.

The infrastructure, enterprise applications and portal features will provide common software services leveraged by all systems integrated into the platform, including single sign-on, system administration, security and future technology choices while streamlining user management.

“When Luminis is launched this summer, Banner users will access the same Banner functionality through the new portal without having to sign in a second time,” said Laurie Schatzerg, UNM assistant academic vice president of MIS. She also said greater Banner use will be available during implementation of the portal project.

Over time, portal features will allow users to create an online environment that can be customized by every member of the campus community. Administrative offices concerned with attracting and retaining students can also offer a customized, service-oriented online environment that today’s students increasingly expect. As the rollout continues, more aspects of the new portal will continue to evolve.

“The important thing with portals is bringing a single interface for online services that’s easy to use,” said Linda Miller, associate director, Information Technology at CIRT. “It targets individual groups with information pertinent to them.”

Features of the new portal include channelized content and layout; publish-and-subscribe channel model; end-user customization; separate channels for e-mail, calendar, personal and campus announcements, and a channel for My Courses.

“From a technological standpoint, it involves CIRT deploying a new infrastructure using the Sun Operating System,” said Matt Carter, CIRT technological support analyst. “Technologically, nothing will impact students because all that will take place behind the scenes.”

One of the exciting new functions of the Luminis portal is called Group Studio, which provides an increased and efficient communications avenue. Group Studio provides group collaboration including chat and message board functions, group-targeted announcements and Group Maker, which gives certain users the ability to generate ad hoc groups from student information system attributes.

“Group Studio is a new service that gives a group collaboration tools,” said Miller. “Groups and teams could all potentially utilize new functions such as chat, message boards, and file and photo sharing areas to communicate more effectively with their individuals groups or departments. People are fairly excited about it. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the project.”

The Luminis portal will replace UNM’s existing portal and will also retain the URL: www.my.unm.edu.

For more information, visit the CIRT Web site at: http://luminis.unm.edu/.