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May 9, 2005
Volume 40, Number 10

Branch campus/state news

UNM-Taos students visit China

UNM-Taos students recently returned from Wu Yi Mountain, Fu Jian Province, in China. The group took part in the first China Study Tour course offered at the branch.

UNM-Taos student Kerri Lynn Cohen on the pottery wheel at the Sight of Sung Dynasty Kiln in China. Photo by Pearl Huang.
UNM adjunct instructor Pearl Huang, a native of Fu Jian Province, spent four weeks last spring traveling in Fu Jian, Zhe Jiang and He Bei provinces to prepare and create this special study tour for UNM Taos students and the community.

In March, UNM students and a few community members departed from Albuquerque via Salt Lake City to San Francisco to board a Cathay Pacific 747 jet for Hong Kong. From Hong Kong they flew into Fu Zhou, capital city of Fu Jian Province.

The next day they visited an ancient Buddhist temple before taking a train to Wu Yi Mountain where they spent two weeks in classrooms, in scenic areas visiting ancient school sites from Sung Dynasty, met with a Daoist Priest at a Daoist Temple and enjoyed a bamboo raft ride down a river with water as clear as jade.

In addition to regular UNM classes and daily holistic healing and Tai Ji practice, students enjoyed lectures and demonstrations by local artists and teachers. They also had a chance to interact with Chinese nationals to practice the language and observe day to day living as they participated and studied in a setting that was both inspiring and educational, Huang said.

UNM students in the group included: Kerri Lynn Cohen, Dale Trujillo, Richard Montano, Janelle Cassidy, Deatria Cameron, Julia Metcalf, Katie Gillis, Christine Dineen, Renee Hardy, Bjorn Halvorsen, Linus Meyer; and Irene Falk. Faculty members include Pearl Huang as instructor and group leader, Rick Bull and Judith Lockwood. Community members in the group are: Suzanne Poirier, Vivian Tinner, Charles Strong, Michelle Sommers, Richard Brooks, and Sola Grey Cameron.