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May 9, 2005
Volume 40, Number 10

Branch campus/state news

UNM-Gallup scores on evaluation

By Linda Thornton

A team from the state Public Education Department on a routine visit to UNM-Gallup found that the college was overwhelmingly in compliance with standards that must be met to receive federal Carl Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Grant Program funds.

Focusing on eight areas during their recent visit, the team members said they found the use of technology at the college, particularly in the area of desktop publishing, to be exemplary. Instruction and professional development was called “state of the art,” while the team said that UNM Gallup’s career/technical programs provide high skill levels and prepare students to fill high wage jobs. Additionally, the college was cited for programs that have the size, scope and quality needed to meet industry standards and for providing training that prepares students for industry- level entry and requirements. The college was also recognized for integrating academic skills with career-technical programs, while the articulation between UNM-Gallup and the public schools was designated very strong.

An area needing additional attention, as noted by the visiting PED Team, focused on the breakdown of data identifying differences in the college’s student population in order to better meet instructional needs.

The Perkins Grant provides hundreds of millions of dollars to colleges and public school districts for vocational and career education programs. Nationally about 60 percent of funding goes to K-12 school districts. The remainder goes to colleges and post-secondary schools.
The state PED team serves as the monitoring agent for the
federal grant.