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Current Issue:  June 3, 2002
Volume 37, Number 21


Fresquez: Ambassador for state

By Jason Gil Bear

Noberta FresquezWhen Noberta Fresquez talks about New Mexico a bright smile appears on her face and she tells you all there is to know about the Land of Enchantment.

Fresquez is the Program Manager for “Story of New Mexico.” It’s a lecture series that is offered every semester through Continuing Education at UNM.

“The program brings in experts in different fields, from archeologists to historians, who talk about their research and how it ties to New Mexico,” Fresquez said.

She said the speakers present films and slides that show interesting facts and historical information about the early times of New Mexico.

Fresquez said a unique aspect of the program is the field trips that students take as part of the program.

“We won’t spend the entire semester in the classroom, we take the students out to experience our wonderful state first hand,” Fresquez said.

Fresquez, a native New Mexican, is from the Southern region of the state. “I love New Mexico, there is no other place I would rather live than here,” she said enthusiastically.

She is spearheading a new addition to the program that has the same philosophy of bringing in speakers and taking field trips around the state, but is now focusing on youth.

“Too often young students are not familiarized with our culture and how extensive our history goes back,” she said. “This program introduces young people to that rich history.”

Her enthusiasm about the state is evident with piles of Mariachi CD’s and New Mexico travel books throughout her office.

Until last semester, Fresquez was the director of Mariachi Spectacular. The program brings musicians to New Mexico for concerts and workshops. She now serves on the advisory board.

She has been working at UNM for 10 years and is taking classes at night to obtain her degree. “I think I want to go into the tourism business,” she said. “What better job to have than to show tourists the state and all that we have to offer.”

In her free time, Fresquez enjoys working in her garden.

“I’m so proud of my red-leaf lettuce that I have growing. I love putting my hands in the soil,” she said.

Fresquez said she doesn’t plan on retiring from her position at UNM for a long time, but said when she does her first order of business will be to enroll in the “Story of New Mexico” program.

“I can’t wait to be a student and just sit back and take in all of the knowledge,” she said.