The University of New Mexico



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April 11, 2006 1:00 p.m.

Student Union Ballroom C


I. Adoption of the Agenda 1

II. Approval of Summarized Minutes of the March 13, 2006 Meeting of the UNM Board of Regents 2

III. Approval of Regent's Meritorious Service Award-- Rudy Davalos, Regent James H. Koch


IV. Public Input

 V. Administrative Report, David Harris, Acting President

VI. Approval of University Counsel Appointment, David Harris, Acting President

VII. Presidential Search – Scope of Work for RFP, Susan Carkeek, VP, Human Resources

VIII. Approval of Proposed Labor Management Resolution, Susan Carkeek, VP, Human Resources 3

IX. Comments from Regents Advisors

Christopher Smith, President, Faculty Senate

Sabra Basler, President, Staff Council 4

Buckner Creel, President, GPSA

Brittany Jaeger, President, ASUNM

Angie Vachio, President, UNM Alumni Association Robert Bovinette, Chair, UNM Foundation

X. Sandia Foundation, Patrick Glennon, President

XI. Gary B. Bland, State of New Mexico Investment Officer

XII. Comments from Regents

XIII. Regent Committee Reports

XIV. Academic/Student Affairs Committee, Raymond Sanchez, Chair

A. Approval of Associates Degree in Natural Resources Conservation-UNM Gallup 5

Information Item:

B. ASUNM Resolution on Review Days



XV. Advancement Committee, Don Chalmers, Chair

XVI. Development Committee, Don Chalmers, Chair

XVII. Finance and Facilities Committee, John “Mel” Eaves, Chair

A. Meeting Summary from February 13, 2006 7

B. Disposition of Surplus Property on List Dated 2/21 and 3/23/06 8

C. Approval of FY 2006-07 Budget Considerations, Including Recommended 9

Actions for Changes in Tuition & Fees (Regular and Summer) and

Employee Compensation

D. Approval of Allocations from Regents' Endowment 10

E. Approval of STC Board of Directors Appointments 11

F. Approval of Lobo Energy Board of Directors Appointments 12

G. Approval of Contracts: 13

a) FY 2006 Audit Contract Services with Moss, Adams , LLP

(formerly Neff & Ricci LLP) for Audit Fees of $627,000

b) UNM Telecommunications – Cell Phone Contract

c) UNM Physical Plant: Ford Utilities Center-Natural Gas

H. Approval of: 14

a) Hibben Center Lease: U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Services

I. Approval and Notification of Bond Sale, UNM-Gallup 15

J. Approval of Employment Contracts for EVP/Provost and Athletics Director 16

K. Approval of Consideration of Possible Naming Opportunities 17

L. Approval Joint Powers Agreement on LANL Contract 18


Information Items:

M. Monthly Financial Report 19

N. Contract Information: 20

a) Smith and Nephew Total Joints

b) RFP 7207 – Ceiling Mounted Support Columns and Surgical/Exam Lighting for UNM

Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilion

c) Jacobs Construction Management Cost

d) Master Order Issued to Southeastern Organ Procurement Services for 2006 in the

Amount of $500,000 an Estimated Total Based on 2005 Usage

P. Invitation for Bid 25-06 “NE Heights Clinic Renovation” awarded to low bidder, Britton 21

Construction In the amount of 397,795

Q. Senior Administrator Report 22


XVIII. Audit Committee Report, Raymond Sanchez, Chair

XIX. Health Sciences Committee, Jack Fortner, Chair 23

A. Approval of Permanent Appointments to UNMH Medical Staff

B. Approval of Reappointments to the UNMH Medical Staff


XX. Executive Session : Discussion and determination where appropriate of limited personnel matters pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (2) NMSA.

XXI. Adjournment




The University of New Mexico is the state's largest university, serving more than 32,000 students. UNM is home to the state's only schools of law, medicine, pharmacy and architecture and operates New Mexico's only academic health center. UNM is noted for comprehensive undergraduate programs and research that benefits the state and the nation.