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June 8, 2006

UNM Board of Regents to Meet June 13 (Revised)

The University of New Mexico Board of Regents will conduct its next monthly Board meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2006, at 1 p.m. in ballroom “C” of the Student Union Building on UNM's main campus.


I. Adoption of the Agenda

II. Approval of Summarized Minutes of the May 9, 2006 Meeting of the UNM Board of Regents

III. Public Input

IV. Administrative Report, David Harris, Acting President

V. Zimmerman Library Report, Kathy Guimond, Mary Vosevich, Dan Martin (Keenan and Associates) Fran Wilkenson

VI. Appointments to UNM Labor Board, Susan Carkeek, VP, Human Resources

VII. Comments from Regents Advisors

Dr.Virginia Shipman, Faculty Senate
David Groth, President, Staff Council
Joseph Garcia, President, GPSA
Brittany Jaeger, President, ASUNM
Roberto Ortega, President, UNM Alumni Association
Robert Bovinette, Chair, UNM Foundation

VIII. Comments from Regents


IX. Regent Committee Reports

Academic/Student Affairs Committee, Raymond Sanchez, Chair

A. Approval of ASUNM Constitutional Amendments
B. Approval of GPSA Constitutional Amendment

X. Presidential Search Update, Raymond Sanchez, Chair

Advancement Committee, Don Chalmers, Chair

Development Committee, Don Chalmers, Chair

Finance and Facilities Committee, John “Mel” Eaves, Chair

A. Meeting Summary from May 8, 2006
B. Disposition of Surplus Property on List Dated 5/26//06
C. Approval of STC Board of Directors Appointment
D. Update on Status of Intergovernmental Affairs Program and Approval of Preliminary 2007 Legislative Priorities
E. Approval of Use of Endowment for Academic Excellence:

a) GO Bond for Higher Education Campaign
b) Mature Charitable Gift Annuities

F. Approval of University's Substitution of Liquidity Providers
G. Approval of:

a) Major Capital Project Priorities
b) Renovation/Renewal of Communication and Journalism
c) Cancer Research & Treatment Center II

H. Contract Approval:

a) UNMH – Physiologic Monitors for UNMH
b) UNMH – United Blood Services (UBS)
c) UNMHP – Biological Pharmaceutical Agents IVIG, Albumin and Anti-hemophilic Factors
d) UNMHP – Pharmaceutical Distributor: Group Purchasing Organization “Novation”
e) UNMH – Fixed Wing Air Emergency Service
f) UNMH – Electronic Medical Record Contract for FY 2007-2014
g) UNM College of Pharmacy – Nano SPECT/CT
h) UNM – Small Animal PET Imaging Systems
i) Student Health Center – Student Accident & Health Insurance Policy

I. Approval of:

a) Annual Renewal of Maui HPCC Lease
b) Forest City Covington Request to Modify Mesa Del Sol “Take Down” Boundary

J. Approval of Differential Tuition Proposal
K. Approval of UNM Operating Budget FY 2006-07
L. Approval of Technology Innovation Program Endowment (Technology-to-Market Gap Fund for the University of New Mexico) M.  Approval of Basis Swaps: Discussion and Potential Benefits

Information Items:

N. Monthly Financial Report for 10 Months Ended April 30, 2006
O. Housing Task Force Report
P. Key Administrators' Salary Increases
Q. Senior Administrator Report
R. Security Integration Report
S. State Land Office Exchange of Rio Rancho Land

Health Sciences Committee, Jack Fortner, Chair

A. Approval of Permanent Appointments to UNMH Medical Staff
B. Approval of Reappointments to the UNMH Medical Staff
C. Approval of Appointments and Reappointments to the HSC Committee and COB Board Maralyn Budke HSC/COB; Dr. William Rayburn HSC; Roxanne Spruce-Bly COB

XI.  Executive Session:

a.  Discussion and determination, where appropriate, of matters subject to the attorney-client privilege regarding pending or threatened litigation in which the University is or may become a participant pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H(7), NMSA.
b.  Discussion and determination, where appropriate, of strategic and long-range business plans of public hospital pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H(9), NMSA.
c.  Vote to re-open the meeting.

XII.  Certification that only those matters described in Agenda Item XI, were discussed in Executive Session. If necessary, ratification of actions, if any, taken in Executive Session regarding matters subject to the attorney-client privilege.

XIII. Adjournment


The University of New Mexico is the state's largest university, serving more than 32,000 students. UNM is home to the state's only schools of law, medicine, pharmacy and architecture and operates New Mexico's only academic health center. UNM is noted for comprehensive undergraduate programs and research that benefits the state and the nation.