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February 8, 2007


The University of New Mexico Board of Regents will conduct its next regular meeting on Wednesday, February 14, 2007, beginning at 9 a.m. in ballroom C of the Student Union Building on the UNM main campus.

In addition to its regular meeting, the Board will participate in a Regents Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. in the Acoma Room of the Student Union Building.


  1. Confirmation of a Quorum: Adoption of the Agenda
  2. Approval of Summarized Minutes of the January 9, 2007 Board of Regents Meeting and the Special Meetings January 22, 2007 and January 24, 2007
  3. Presentation of Nambe Lobo Heads to Sandra Begay-Campbell and Rosalyn Nguyen
  4. Administrative Report, David Harris, Acting President
  5. Report on Customer Service, Dr. Breda Bova
  6. Comments from Regents Advisors
    Dr.Virginia Shipman, Faculty Senate
    David Groth, President, Staff Council
    Joseph Garcia, President, GPSA
    Brittany Jaeger, President, ASUNM
    Roberto Ortega, President, UNM Alumni Association
    Robert Bovinette, Chair, UNM Foundation
  7. Comments from Regents
    1. Discussion of Board of Regents Committees & Calendar 2007
  8. Consent Agenda
    From Finance & Facilities Committee
    1. Meeting Summary from December 21, 2006
    2. Disposition of Surplus Property on List Dated December 31, 2006
    3. Approval of Anderson School of Management Student Managed Portfolio
    4. Contract Approval:
      1. Goodman’s Interior Structures (a small business operating in NM)
      2. Goodman’s Interior Structures (a small business operating in NM) Chairs for Pavilion
      3. Hill Room Inc.
    5. Approval of Timberon Lots (2) Disposition
    6. Approval of:
      1. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy
      2. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Naming of Health Policy Center
  9. Regent Committee Reports
    Academic/Student Affairs and Research Committee, Raymond Sanchez, Chair
    Finance and Facilities Committee, John “Mel” Eaves, Chair
    1. Approval of Bylaws for UNM Medical Group, Inc. and Appointment of Board of Directors
    2. HSC Smoke-Free Environment Policy
    3. Approval of STC Board of Directors Appointments
    4. Approval of:
      1. UNM-Taos Career Technical Center – Phase I
      2. UNM Taos Infrastructure – Phase I
    5. Approval of Fiscal Watch Report as of December 31, 2006
      Information Items:
    6. Mid-year Budget Review
    7. UNMH Financial Projections – Fiscal Year 2008, incl. Payment of Pavilion Mortgage Documents
    8. UNM West Progress Update, “Next Steps” and Preliminary Programming & Space Requirements

      Advancement Committee, Don Chalmers, Chair
    9. Gift Revenue Report

      Development Committee, Don Chalmers, Chair

      HSC – Health Sciences, Jack Fortner, Chair
    10. Approval of Permanent Appointments and Reappointments for Medical Staff (2/02/07)

      Information items:
    11. UNMH Dashboard Report
    12. UNMH CEO Report
  10. Public Comment
  11. XI. Executive Session : Vote to close the meeting and to proceed in Executive Session
    1. Discussion and determination where appropriate of limited personnel matters pursuant to Section 10-15- 1.H (2) NMSA (1978).
    2. Discussion and determination where appropriate of matters subject to attorney-client privilege pertaining to threatened or pending litigation, pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (7), NMSA (1978).
    3. Discussion and determination where appropriate of personally identifiable information about an individual student, pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (4), NMSA (1978) and FERPA.
    4. Vote to re-open the meeting.
    5. Certification that only those matters described in Agenda Item XI were discussed in Executive Session and if necessary, ratification of actions, if any, taken in Executive Session.
  12. Adjournment


The University of New Mexico is the state's largest university, serving more than 32,000 students. UNM is home to the state's only schools of law, medicine, pharmacy and architecture and operates New Mexico's only academic health center. UNM is noted for comprehensive undergraduate programs and research that benefits the state and the nation.