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Feb. 8, 2010

UNM Attracts $37 Million in Federal Stimulus Funding

Researchers at the University of New Mexico have been awarded $37 million in competitive grants from funds appropriated for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Health Science Center researchers have been awarded $21 million in grants.  Researchers on the UNM main campus have been awarded $16 million.

The grants are primarily from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes for Health, although some grants were awarded by state agencies using federal ARRA funds.

Most grants are health related research on topics ranging from mapping brain function with molecules to exploring the effects of arsenic on skin cancer.  Main campus research includes a study of new generation research composites for radiation and impact hazard; biomedical research into optimizing a low cost portable machine for diagnosing disease; securing concurrency in computer systems and improvements in the division of arthropods collection for the Museum of Southwestern Biology.
Media contact: Karen Wentworth (505) 277-5627;


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