Campus News - April 9, 2001

Policies available for campus review

Four proposed policy statements have been issued for campus evaluation and review. Comments should be sent to Interim Vice President for Business and Finance Julie Weaks’ office or via e-mail to before the applicable date listed for each proposed policy. The complete policy drafts are available to UNM faculty, staff and students accessing the UNM web page through UNM computers. The URL is

The proposed “Distribution of Salary Increases” policy statement 3510 addresses concern expressed by some staff members that the current approach to salary increases makes it unclear how an employee’s increase is determined because it blends the various types of increases (i.e. cost of living, merit, equity). The proposed policy statement defines how salary increases will be determined and distinguishes between the various components of the salary increase. Comments are due by April 20.

Animals on campus that are not under the supervision and control of their owners can adversely affect the normal functions of the University. Since the University does not come under the City of Albuquerque animal control ordinances, the proposed “Animal Control” policy statement 2290 was developed to help ensure the University maintains an environment that supports its education, research and public service missions. Comments are due by May 4.

When the “Acceptable Computer Use” policy was approved by the President and distributed last August, the Executive Cabinet identified the need for more detailed policies that would provide guidance to users on compliance with the policy. The proposed “Computer Use Guidelines” and “Computer Security Controls and Guidelines” policy statements were designed to fulfill that need. The policy drafts were developed in conjunction with and endorsed by the Faculty Senate Computer Use Committee and CIRT.

Draft policy 2510 “Computer Use Guidelines” provides guidance on confidentiality and privacy requirements, copyright and site license issues, computer accounts and authentication, equipment and information security, computer viruses, electronic communications, and the University’s computer network. Draft policy 2520 “Computer Security Controls and Guidelines” discusses security practices and access to systems, networks and University information. It also provides guidance for system and data protection, system integrity and instructions to department heads or designees who detect serious security violations. Comments are due by May 4.

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