Campus News - April 9, 2001

Staff get UNM job preference
Program begins April 18

By Carol March

Experienced UNM staff can soon apply for internal promotions without competing with external applicants.

The pilot program for Career Advancement starts on April 18 with nineteen jobs in five general job groups. The groups include administrative, administrative support, computer programming, library information specialist and accounting.

Art Gonzales, Human Resources employment manager says that the program is “a great opportunity for our staff. The Career Advancement program offers UNM staff members the chance to compete for positions throughout the University. What increases their odds for selection is that program participants are limited to UNM employees, unlike regular job postings which are open to everyone.”

A Career Advancement Job Fair will be held on Wednesday, April 18, from 2-4 PM in Hokona Hall. All employees are invited to attend. Staff from the Department of Human Resources will be on hand to talk with employees and accept career advancement applications. Employees can also send their applications to Human Resources beginning April 18.

The new Career Advancement program makes it easier to apply for UNM jobs. Interested employees submit an application to Human Resources for any of the pilot program job titles. Applications will be screened for educational and experience requirements and also for the knowledge, skills and abilities found on the job description.

Qualified employees are certified for the career advancement pool for that job title. Once certified for the pool, employees are notified via e-mail whenever a vacancy for that job title occurs. Employees choose whether they wish to apply for the vacancy.

To apply, they send their application materials directly to the hiring officer.

Certification into a pool is good for sixty days. To participate, employees must have a valid e-mail address. All notifications to employees about job vacancies are via e-mail. Employees will have three days to send their application materials to the hiring officer after being notified about the opening.

“I am pleased to finally be able to offer true preference for internal promotions to our experienced staff,” says Susan A. Carkeek, Associate Vice President and Director/Human Resources. “A campus-wide committee helped us re-vamp our procedures to make them easier for everyone, and this program is the result.”

On May 7, Human Resources will begin accepting hiring requests from departments. Departments can list specific preferences in their requests that will be included in the posting.

Career advancement jobs can be filled faster. Because employees are notified about openings via e-mail, departments can begin reviewing referrals right away. Pools will contain highly qualified, pre-screened candidates with the skills necessary to succeed in the job and who will need less training because they are experienced in UNM policies and procedures.

Departments can choose whether to use a career advancement pool for an opening. If they prefer to consider external applicants, internal applicants with comparable qualifications will be given preference.

If the pilot program is successful, more job titles will be added to Career Advancement. Only newly created jobs are excluded. However, the job titles available for career advancement may change based on OEO utilization. The most current list of titles will be posted on the Web at and updated regularly.

If employees need assistance in obtaining an e-mail account, CIRT and the Staff Services Office can help. Employees can access their e-mail at the UNM computer pods and the Staff Services Office in Hokona Hall.

For more information about applying for a Career Advancement pool or requesting a Career Advancement pool for your next opening, contact the Department of Human Resources Main Campus at 277-2454 or Health Sciences Center at 272-6445.

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