Campus News - April 23, 2001

Human Resources

Career Advancement Program begins May 7

By Susan A. Carkeek
Associate Vice President/Director
Human Resources Department

The new career advancement program starting May 7 gives UNM employees hiring preference on selected UNM jobs. We’ll begin with a pilot program of twenty job titles. More titles may be added after the pilot program ends in November.

The new program has been redesigned with the help of Fred Youberg of EMIS who headed a committee of department representatives from Main and North Campus and Human Resources Employment staff. The resulting program is designed to provide pools of highly qualified UNM applicants for department hiring officials. To achieve this, a secondary screening is performed by the Employment Offices on the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to do the job. Hiring officials also can provide department preferences which applicants can address in their application materials.

“We took Human Resources out as the ‘middle person’,” says Youberg. “Now we facilitate direct contact between applicants and hiring officials. After applicants are certified for a pool, they submit their applications directly to hiring officials who have vacancies.”

To further streamline the hiring process, the Employment Offices will post-audit final hire packages rather than approving each one as it comes back from the hiring official. Hiring officials are responsible for completing the hiring process correctly.

“The new program is faster on both ends,” Youberg says. “Requisitions are processed faster because hiring officials no longer need to obtain signatures outside their department to replace an employee as long as the salary is within their pre-approved budget.”

Career Advancement was originally developed in early 1999 when the career development policy was implemented.

Unfortunately, Career Advancement was not successful for several reasons. First, it required job applicants to complete a second form in addition to the employment application which was a barrier to developing pools. Without viable pools, hiring officials were reluctant to use the program. Also, required notifications and turn-around times were difficult to attain because the Employment offices were working with paper forms and cumbersome list serves.

The committee’s goal was to develop a hiring process that could be completed in 14 days and would provide a true preference for UNM employees. They analyzed the existing program and developed modifications that relied on new technological capabilities. Implementation of the Employment Tracking System had made it possible to generate automatic e-mail messages to applicants as well as track and report hiring actions electronically.

The committee obtained design feedback from a number of sources including the Human Resources Representatives Network Group and made substantial changes to the program based on their suggestions.

Susan Carkeek, Associate Vice President/Director of Human Resources says, “We are grateful to the committee members and all the UNM staff who helped us re-design this program. Their creativity and willingness to offer their time has resulted in a program that staff have been waiting for. I hope that both hiring departments and staff looking for new jobs will use Career Advancement and let us know how the new program is working.”

To learn more about Career Advancement contact Human Resources Main Campus at 277-2454, Health Sciences Center Human Resources at 272-6445, or visit the Web at

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