Campus News - August 20, 2001

Human Resources

Performance Review System to be evaluated

By Susan A. Carkeek Associate, Vice President/Director Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources is evaluating the new performance review system and is looking for volunteers to participate in focus groups to be held in September. There will be three categories of focus groups: for department chairs, deans and directors; for supervisors and managers, including faculty who supervise staff; and for non-supervisory staff. Each focus group will meet for one-and-a-half hours. The meetings will be held at 801 University Avenue SE.

If you would like to participate in a focus group between Sept. 5 and Sept. 12, please call Shannon Garbiso, Employee and Organizational Development, at 272-7740.

In addition to the focus groups, an online survey is being created that all staff will have the opportunity to complete. Watch for notice of this survey in an all-staff email in mid-September. This is another way you can give us feedback about your experience with this important process.

Since implementing the new performance review system in January, 2000, the proportion of UNM staff receiving annual performance reviews has risen from about 30 percent to 82 percent for all UNM. If we break out HSC, the proportion is even higher, at 92 percent.

The purpose of the new program is to improve performance, increase positive communication and mutual respect, and promote individual growth and career development. Since the program has been in effect for one full year and is being used to provide most staff with annual reviews, we would like to formally assess its effectiveness.

This evaluation is intended to determine how useful staff and supervisors perceive the program to be. Specifically, we are looking at whether viable goals and standards are being developed for each employee, whether career development plans are included in the review, whether the performance review system has resulted in improved performance and if it has impacted on the type and amount of communication between employees and their supervisors.

We will use the information we collect from this evaluation to develop recommendations for future directions for the performance review process, policy and form.

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