Campus News - August 20, 2001

Library begins Infocommons

The UNM General Library is upgrading network connectivity in all four main campus branch libraries as part of the first phase of the Information Commons project. Work is scheduled to begin in mid-August and will start in Zimmerman Library.

“The electronic infrastructure in the library must be upgraded, whether or not we ultimately develop the Information Commons,” says Dean Robert Migneault. “The Student Fee Review Board (SFRB) mandated that the money they designated for the library must go toward the commons. So, we are using the $180,000 they appropriated toward this first phase. This is not discretionary money that we can direct into acquisitions or anything else.”

The upgrade improves network connections to all desktop computers, servers and network-attached devices within the libraries while also improving the connections to the UNM campus network and the Internet. A significant number of “iPorts,” public network connections available to patrons with their own portable computers, will be available. Remote users of library electronic resources will also benefit from the increased bandwidth and faster network connections this upgrade will provide.

This responds to the findings of the Association of Research Libraries survey, LIBQUAL+ 2001, where UNM students indicated a need for improved access to electronic collections.

“Ultimately, this will result in much improved performance for both General Library patrons and for faculty, staff and student employees,” says Aaron Ezekiel, manager, network and system support in the Library Information Technology department.

The UNM General Library will be working with UNM Telecommunications’ subcontractor Kelly Cable, which will replace outmoded wiring and CIRT, which will install new network electronics.

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