Campus News - August 20, 2001

Regents' medal nominations due

Individuals and groups are encouraged to submit nominations for the UNM Regents’ Meritorious Service Medal, awarded annually at UNM’s December Commencement to UNM faculty and staff in recognition of their extraordinary and distinguished service to the University.

UNM faculty, staff and students should submit nominations, in the form of a letter explaining why the individual is worthy of the award, to the Office of the UNM President, William C. Gordon, room 160, Scholes Hall, by Friday, Sept. 7 at 5 p.m.

According to Policy 1.6 as published in the Regents’ Policy Manual:

“The criteria for the faculty award will be outstanding teaching, service to students, research, scholarship, publications, performance in the faculty and University governance, or other such contributions which have enhanced the institution.

“The criteria for the staff award will be outstanding performance of duties and meritorious service which have enhanced the University.”

UNM Regents will make the final decision.

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