Campus News - December 3, 2001

Graphics shop transfers media

Access to new technologies keeps employees and students on the cutting edge of information management.

UNM Media Technology Services (MTS) Graphics and Media Transfer shop transfers media from one form to another and produces presentation and instructional material for a reasonable fee.

Located at the heart of main campus in the basement of Woodward Hall, Room 141, graphic services include camera-stand work, creating/duplicating CDs, power-point presentations and converting illustrations, documents and 35mm slide to digital files. Shop staff can also take technology a step back converting digital files to 33mm slide or print material.

“We try to accommodate all requests while adhering to copyright laws,” says Jane Phillips, Graphics and Media Transfer shop supervisor. “We serve mostly faculty and graduate students.”

Average cost is based on $30/hr. flat fee plus materials. The website is under construction, but features prices and information for most services, visit

For more information on the Graphics and Media Transfer shop, call 277-7937 or email

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