Campus News - December 3, 2001

Three new policies issued

The Office of University Business Policies has issued three new policies. They are:

Policy 1020 “Naming Facilities, Spaces, Endowments, and Programs; Policy 2220 “Freedom of Expression and Dissent; and

Policy 7110 “Gifts of Tangible Personal Property.” These proposed policies were distributed to deans, directors, department heads, and the campus for review and comment.

“We would like to thank faculty and staff members for taking time to review the proposed policy statements,” said Carol Stephens, Manager of University Business Policies.

In addition two existing policies were revised. Policy 2470 “Subaward Administration” was revised to comply with new audit requirements in OMB Circular A-133. Policy 3700 “Tuition Remission Program” was revised to reflect a change in tax law. Graduate courses will be excluded from taxable income to the employee, effective 2002.

More on these policies can be found at the University Business Policies website

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