Campus News - December 3, 2001


By Carolyn Gonzales

Mary Garcia. Mary Garcia, development coordinator in the College of Fine Arts, is a supporter of education who hopes one day to fundraise to benefit the disadvantaged.

“I love education. I wanted to be a teacher when I was a little girl. When I first came to campus as a temp in Scholes Hall, I felt that everything that is education was present there,” she says.

Garcia, who worked for the Sheriff’s office before coming to UNM, started in the College of Fine Arts Media Arts Program, now a department.

She’s been at Fine Arts for seven years now.

Currently, Garcia is busy working with donors on the Louise Armijo Endowment Scholarship. “The endowment will benefit students in Theatre and Dance,” she explains.

“I do see myself as a fundraiser,” says Garcia, “but I would like to raise money to benefit those who need it most.”

Away from work Garcia tends to her elderly parents, Clarence and Lucy Garcia. She is part of a large family, the only girl with five brothers – and seven nephews. As such, she was the one at her mother’s side preparing the recent Thanksgiving feast for the family.

She is currently having her credits evaluated at Anderson Schools of Management because she wants to gain admission with a tentative goal of earning a bachelor’s in marketing. In order to subsidize educational expenses not covered by tuition remission, she works part time for the Association of Fundraising Professionals. “I do many of the same things I do here. The extra income will pay for books and student fees,” she says.

Although she isn't positive she will pursue a career in marketing, she already actively markets UNM.

To fundraise effectively, one must believe in the cause. With a desire to study at Anderson Schools, she markets the institution by example. And, she says, “I am encouraging my nephews to continue their educations because that’s where their dreams for the future begin.”

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