Campus News - February 11, 2002

Anderson Schools professor honored

By Steve Carr

ASM Dean Howard L. Smith and Jeanne Logsdon. Photo by Steve Carr.Professor Jeanne Logsdon of the Anderson Schools of Management is a recent recipient of the UNM General Library’s Faculty Acknowledgement Award, which recognizes faculty across campus who excel in academic productivity.

“Recognition by the library for my research is particularly rewarding because the library is so central to the research activities of faculty,” Logsdon said.

Logsdon has been at the Anderson Schools since 1989 and was named a full professor in 1998. She is the editor of Business & Society, an academic journal that focuses on business ethics, business-government relations, corporate governance, corporate social performance and environmental-management issues. Logsdon also serves on the Environmental Management Advisory Committee of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Logsdon’s areas of research and teaching include corporate social performance, stakeholder theory, business citizenship, corporate reputation, business ethics, environmental problems and remedies, collaboration between the public and private sectors and corporate responses to regulation.

During the ceremony, Logsdon gave a presentation titled, “Global Business Citizenship: A Concept for the 21st Century.”
A complete explanation of global business citizenship will be published shortly in Business Ethics Quarterly.

“The fundamental message is that, if businesses accept the status of global citizenship, they should be prepared to act as good citizens wherever they operate,” Logsdon said. “This means more than just following local laws and norms because these may not meet the ethical standards that are expected for corporate behavior. Executives will need to be sensitive to broadly based ethical expectations and cultural differences.”

Logsdon received a plaque presented by Fran Wilkinson, acting dean of the UNM General Library. Additional Anderson Schools faculty honored by the library include Richard Reid, Allen Parkman, Dwight Grant and Jess Dillard.

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