Campus News - February 11, 2002

University develops drug testing policy
Staff asked to review, evaluate proposed document

UNM is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment that supports the pursuit of education, research and service.
In acknowledgment of the serious impact that substance abuse can have on the safety and health of students, faculty, staff, customers, patients and visitors, the University is committed to a drug-free campus.

To comply with legal or contractual requirements, and to ensure a safe and healthy environment, certain employees such as shuttle drivers are required to undergo drug and alcohol testing. The University has developed a proposed policy statement “Drug and Alcohol Testing” Policy 2270 to provide notice concerning who is subject to testing.

The University will not conduct random drug and alcohol testing except in certain specific situations as described in the proposed policy statement.

The proposed policy statement defines the individuals who are currently subject to drug and alcohol testing. This testing is required either by law, contract or industry practice. The only situation listed in the proposed policy where testing is not currently being done is Section 2.2. Post Accident Testing. To help ensure the safety of faculty, staff and students this section allows testing when there is a serious work-related accident.

Vice President of Business and Finance Julie Weaks and the Executive Cabinet would like faculty, staff and students to review and evaluate the proposed policy. The draft is available to employees and students accessing the UNM web page through UNM computers at Comments are due by March 4 to Weaks’ office or via e-mail to

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