Campus News - February 12, 2001

Myths about Fulbright Awards

MYTH: Fulbrights are only for faculty.
There are also Fulbright awards suitable for college/university administrators and for artists and professionals such as lawyers, journalists, musicians, filmmakers, scientists and engineers.

MYTH: Fulbrights are only for research.
Only 20 percent of Fulbright Scholar Awards are for research only. Most Fulbrights are for lecturing. Some awards combine lecturing and research.

MYTH: You have to speak a foreign language fluently in order to apply.
Only some Fulbright Awards require fluency in a foreign language. Most grants — especially lecturing grants — require English, although research awards may require knowledge of the host country language. In addition, Francophone Africa generally requires French, and Latin American countries usually require Spanish or Portuguese.

MYTH: Fulbright Awards are all for one academic year.
Awards range from two months to an academic year. Awards for less than one year are increasingly common. It is also possible in some cases to extend a Fulbright award for another term or year.

MYTH: Fulbright grants require an invitation from a host institution overseas.
This is true for some countries, but not for others. Also, CIES — in collaboration with overseas Fulbright Commissions and U.S. diplomatic posts — may be able to help you make connections with possible host institutions, if the country requires it.

MYTH: To afford a Fulbright award, you have to be on sabbatical.
While you’re not likely to get rich on a Fulbright stipend, most grants are more than adequate. Stipends and benefits, however, vary from country to country. You can get information on stipends and benefits for awards you are interested in before you apply from the CIES web site or Fulbright Awards Book.

From Council for International Exchange of Scholars.

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