Campus News - January 14, 2002


Lawrence Straus, UNM professor of anthropology, recently received a Fulbright Senior Specialists grant to the University of Zagreb in Croatia. Straus is among the first grantees under the new Fulbright Senior Specialists short-term grants program.

Beginning early January, Straus will spend two weeks lecturing about his Paleolithic research and visiting the most famous Croatian Paelolithic sites (e.g. Vindija, Krapina, Sandlja) to analyze archaeological materials.

The new program offers two- to six-week grants to leading U.S. academics and professionals to support curricular and faculty development and institutional planning at academic institutions in 140 countries.

Created to complement the 55-year-old traditional Fulbright Scholar Program, the Senior Specialists Program aims at increasing the number of faculty and professionals who have the opportunity to go abroad.

“The traditional Fulbright Scholar Program offers grants ranging from two months to an academic year, and some academics and professionals find it difficult to be away overseas for that length of time,” said Patti McGill Peterson, executive director of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, the organization that manages the Fulbright Scholar Program. “The new Senior Specialists Program offers them another option.”

For further information on the program, visit the CIES Web site at


Seven pieces of early plastics jewelry created by Armand Winfield, director of the UNM Training and Research Institute for Plastics/TRIP, are now part of the permanent collection of American Jewelry in the American Crafts Museum in New York City. The board recently determined that plastics are a viable and acceptable form of American craftware.

Winfield invented the first mass-producible method of embedding objects in clear acrylics in 1945. His New York City-based business Winfield Fine Art in Jewelry (1945-47), attracted world wide attention producing one-of-a-kind orginal wearable works of art. Early Winfield jewelry has also been added to collections at the Smithsonian and other international venues.

In 1994, Winfield, an international plastics consultant, was the first scientist to have work archived in the UNM Center for Southwest Research in Zimmerman Library. In 2000, additional materials of Winfield's were archived in the Smithsonian's national design museum.


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