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2002 Legislative Supplement

January 14, 2002

Legislative priority is 'cost of opening doors'
30 day session begins January 15

The University's funding requirements for FY 2002-03 were developed on the basis of input from the campus community. The original priority list contained requests for funding of new formula modifications, new initiatives at the Health Science Center and a list of new funding priorities for special projects. All of those requests have been dropped in response to the state's revised revenue estimate for FY03. Full Story.

Bernalillo County Members of the House of Representatives

Bernalillo County Members of the State Senate

University of New Mexico branch campuses/alumni legislators

Gary Johnson
Republican - UNM Alumnus
State Capitol Building
Santa Fe, N.M. 87503

Lt. Governor
Walter Bradley
State Capitol Building
Santa Fe, N.M. 87503


Legislative information
available via phone, web

Information on the 2001 Legislative Session can be obtained by calling the UNM Legislative Information Center at 277-5934. Online legislative updates can be accessed off the UNM homepage by clicking Intranet: UNM and then Legislative Priorities or

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