Campus News - January 16, 2001

Transitional Food Village opens

Lobo Lair, photo by Brian Lucero
The UNM Student Union Building (SUB) announces the beginning of the SUB’s two-year, $25-million dollar renovation and construction project. During this time, food service will be offered at 17 sites on campus. The food service sites are located in a “Transitional Food Village” placed throughout UNM’s campus, in the most heavily trafficked areas.

In addition to the adobe-style kiosks, located throughout campus, the Transition Food Village also includes a 300-person tent, known as the “Lobo Lair” that is available for dining and socializing. The tent is climate-tempered and will also be used for student programming events during non-service hours.

The tent is located on Smith Plaza adjacent to the Humanities Building. Located nearby are the Casitas and Higher Grounds food kiosks.

For more information, including a map of the food service options, hours of operation, locations and telephone numbers of the food service sites, visit or, or

The following list includes all food service options available as of Jan. 16, 2001:

1. Cactus Café Continuing Ed Building
2. Competitor’s Grill South Golf Course
3. Dane’s Deli Dane Smith Hall
4. Hokona Coffee Shop Hokona Hall
5. Itza Pizza Hokona Hall
6. La Posada La Posada
7. Med II Café Medical School
8. SRC Convenience Store SRC Commons
9. Starbucks UNM Bookstore
10. SUB West East side of Ferris Engineering
11. Tienda Convenience Store UNM Bookstore
12. Venture Café South Campus, by TVI
13. Venue Café UNM Law School

Transition Village Locations:

14. Casitas Smith Plaza, by Humanities Bldg.
15. Higher Grounds Smith Plaza, by Humanities Bldg.
16. Mesa Vista Kiosk Roma Bus stop
17. Blimpie’s Kiosk West side of Mesa Vista Hall
18. Lobo Mobile Cart TBA
19. Yale Mobile Cart Yale Bus stop


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