Campus News - January 28, 2002

Campus construction projects in full swing

By Steve Carr

If it seems like you are walking amidst a maze of construction projects and have to identify different routes to get to various destinations across campus, you will have to endure a while longer.

Currently, eight different construction projects are ongoing on main and north campuses and several more are planned for the near future.

It’s a good news, bad news situation. Everybody will benefit in the end, though.

“The utility upgrade project, when we put in chilled water distribution lines, is going to leave quite an impact on the campus,” said Mary Vosevich, director of the Physical Plant. “We’ll move along (in phases) so that we haven’t restricted access. We think the benefit in the long run will hopefully accommodate some of the discomfort of living through these projects.”

Aside from the Physical Plant’s involvement, the Department of Facility Planning is a key player in facilitating, implementing and completing more than $113,957,000 of approved projects. Among the primary projects on main campus is the Student Union Building (SUB), scheduled for completion in August 2002 and the Hibben Center for Archaeological Research, slated for completion in May 2002. The SUB project consists of 8,000 square feet of new space on the northwest corner of the existing building and renovates 147,000 square feet of existing space for a total of 155,000 square feet on three levels. The Hibben project will be approximately 35,000 square feet, also on three levels.

There are other obstacles around campus including completing the domestic water system replacement, visible by fenced off holes near Mitchell and Scholes Halls. The upgrade of the domestic water project on Redondo Loop and the west main campus areas is near completion, but will give way to another major phase that includes laying pipes for chilled and steam water originating from the chilled water plant on Las Lomas and Stanford across campus to the SUB.

Planning is underway and work will soon begin on the renovation of the Ford Utilities Center, which will include new steam boilers and electric chillers to produce additional cogeneration of electricity and steam. The renovation of Ford Utilities Center will be completed in 2004. Other campus utility projects include chilled water modifications and energy conservation construction including new and more efficient lighting in buildings.

“Right now we are on schedule with an anticipated completion date of early 2005,” said Vosevich. “I’m sure everyone has noticed the domestic water system upgrade, the Redondo project you see that cuts across campus in a couple of locations. It is the first phase of the project to upgrade that whole system in serious need of renewal and modernization.”

On North Campus, Phase I of the Law School addition and Phase II of the Child Care Center are scheduled for completion next month. Planning is complete on the new Ambulatory Surgery and Imaging Center (see story this page), Phase II of the Law School and an upgrade at the art museum.

Planning is in progress and funding identified on more than $290 million in projects including Phase II of the Taos Education Center, an education building, research facility and woman’s and children’s pavilion on North Campus, and the new Centennial Engineering Center and replacement of Wagner Hall on main campus.

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