Campus News - January 28, 2002

Human Resources

Data shows rise in women, minority hires and promotions

By Susan A. Carkeek, Associate Vice President/ Director Human Resources

Human Resources is pleased to report that recent data on administrative hiring shows that women and minority candidates are being hired at UNM in record numbers and that a majority of hires in this category were internal promotions.

We looked at administrative hiring during the two-year period Nov. 1999 to Oct. 2001. Jobs classed as “administrators” included staff positions at Grade 13 and above with titles of manager, associate director, director and above. Academic administrative positions such as deans were not included.

More than half of the administrative hires during this period were internal promotions. In 1999-00, 35 administrators were hired and 18 were internal promotions. In 2000-01, 44 hires were made of which 23 were internal promotions. We are encouraged by the high rate of internal promotions into administrative positions. This speaks highly of the quality of our staff and the commitment of the administration.

Overall, UNM hired 31 percent minority administrators in 1990-00 and 30 percent in 2000-01. Female administrators were hired for the same period at rates of 57 percent and 61 percent. When we look at gender and ethnic data for internal promotions, we find that, in 1999-00, we promoted 39 percent minorities and 61 percent females into these administrative positions. For 2000-01, the rates are 30 percent and 57 percent, respectively.

We compared our data to that of 200 doctoral institutions nationwide, based on information collected by the College and University Personnel Association (CUPA). Nationwide, we found that comparable administrative positions are 11.5 percent minority and 39 percent female. This means that UNM’s hiring rates far surpass the national representation for these positions at comparable institutions.

These data support the idea that UNM is both hiring and promoting qualified women and minority group members into administrative positions. We are proud of the University’s accomplishments in this important area and strive to do even better in the future.

A copy of the report is available at the Human Resources website, under “What’s New” at

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