Campus News - January 29, 2001

Extended U teaches, reaches

Extended University has centers in Albuquerque, Kirtland Air Force Base, Los Alamos, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Gallup and Taos. It delivers courses in creative ways – face-to-face, through television, web-based, correspondence and distance education

Instructional Television (ITV) was established in 1985 and operates an eight channel instructional TV system located on Sandia Peak. By 1987, about 25 science and engineering courses were being broadcast. Today, approximately 60 courses are broadcast to UNM branch sites and centers as well as to national laboratories and businesses.

The Electronic Distance Education Network (EDEN), a consortium of New Mexico’s four-year colleges and two community colleges, provides access to courses for students at television reception sites throughout the state. Courses in Communication and Journalism, Education, Native American Studies, Psychology and Sociology are some of the subject areas available for study through EDEN.

A joint effort between Extended University, UNM-Gallup and the Anderson Schools makes it possible for Gallup students to earn a bachelor of business administration.

At one site, the Taos Center, 15 subjects are taught with a total of 30 classes available. Three educational psychology classes are taught on site with a live instructor, but all three public administration courses are EDEN courses. Two nursing courses are available through ITV.

A web-based course in electrical and computer engineering is available, and so are anthropology and library science courses.
Correspondence course offerings include eight English classes, the same number in political science, as well as ten math courses and offering in nursing, philosophy physics and astronomy and more.

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