Campus News - January 29, 2001

UNM radiology grads best on test

The five radiology residents in UNM’s School of Medicine (SOM) passed their American Board of Radiology clinical written exams with the highest scores in the nation, said Dr. Fred Mettler, chairman of the SOM Department of Radiology.

The students are: Kathryn Bossolt, Cecilia Coutsias, John DeLacey, Greg Kenyherz and Patrick O’Brien.

“There are 212 radiology programs in the U.S.,” Mettler said. “Basically, we beat Harvard, Yale, Duke and all the rest. We really are first in the country at something.”

This is the third time in the past 12 years that SOM students have topped the ABR clinical written exam.

Mettler attributed the residents’ success to several factors. The first is intense competition. For the past two years, over 300 applicants have vied for four or five open residency slots.

“From those 300 applicants, we select first for performance,” Mettler said, “but the final selections are made for personality and teamwork. Our residents teach each other a lot, that’s a huge part of their success.”

The other decisive factors are a very low student-to-teacher ratio — about 1-to-1 — and the radiology program’s academic rigor.

“It’s a highly structured teaching system,” Mettler explained. “Our residents get a written exam every month. It keeps them studying.”

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