Campus News - January 29, 2001

Resolution passes.
Staff, faculty call for equal pay raises.

By Steve Carr

The UNM Staff Council and Faculty Senate both passed a resolution recently at their respective meetings calling for faculty and staff raises to be increased by the same percentage. The resolution, forwarded to President William C. Gordon’s office, will now be presented to the New Mexico State Legislature.

“I’m excited that the Staff Council and Faculty Senate can work together on issues like pay parity that affect both the staff and faculty,” said Barbara Gabaldon, speaker for Staff Council. “This really shows that we consider each other peers and that UNM is a great place to work.”

The resolution states that faculty and staff at UNM are each integral to the mission and the success of the University and that student success is highly dependent upon the quality of the faculty and staff at the institution. In the past, the Legislature has proposed differing salary increase for faculty and staff.

The resolution goes on to state that employees at New Mexico colleges and universities are paid less than their peers and this adversely affects recruiting, hiring and retention of quality faculty and staff, which in turn affects student success. Comparative data has clearly shown that faculty salaries are about 10 percent behind that of their peers, while staff salaries lag behind an average of 12 percent among their peers.

The faculty and staff have endorsed the UNM administration in its efforts to maintain parity between faculty and staff salaries with regard to proposed legislative salary increases from the 2001 New Mexico State Legislature.

“The resolution has been sent to President Gordon, the Board of Regents and we hope faculty and staff support UNM’s position for pay parity and also for the proposed pay increase that’s before the legislature,” said Gabaldon. “I think when individual faculty and staff talk to their legislators they will find that a group of faculty and staff support the resolution as opposed to individual support and that’s what the people here at UNM want.”

UNM Staff Council Establishes Office

The UNM Staff Council has established a support office for the Council. The office, located at 311 Hokona Zuni, is staffed by an administrative assistant and serves to provide all administrative support for the Council. In addition, the office coordinates the calendar for the President of the Council as well as the Council’s Executive Committee.

The office is in the process of setting up a resource room for Councilors and Staff, which will include videos, books and other UNM reference materials. The telephone number for the office is 277-1532 and the fax number is 277-8822.

The Council’s website is at

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