Campus News - June 18, 2001

UNM policies issued, revised
Pets, computers, emergencies addressed

The office of University Business Policies has issued four new policies. The policies were approved by President William C. Gordon with an effective date of July 1. Earlier this year, each proposed policy statement was distributed to deans, directors, department heads and the campus for review and comment.

“We would like to thank faculty and staff members for taking time to review the proposed policy statements,” said Carol Stephens, manager of University Business Policies.

In addition, seven existing policies were revised to reflect changes in procedures, include new rates, clarify current practices, or comply with new accounting regulations.

The University Business Policies website contains a discussion of the changes made to the proposed policy statements to address concerns raised by the campus and the changes made to existing policies.

Policy 2290 “Animal Control” delineates the areas on campus where animals are prohibited and lists owner responsibilities.

Policy 2510 “Computer Use Guidelines” provides guidance on confidentiality and privacy requirements, copyright and site license issues, computer accounts and authentication, equipment and information security, computer viruses, electronic communications, and the University’s computer network.

Policy 2520 “Computer Security Controls and Guidelines” discusses security practices and access to systems, networks and University information. It also provides guidance for system and data protection, system integrity and instructions to department heads or designees who detect serious security violations.

Policy 6130 “Emergency Control” authorizes the allocation of resources to handle an emergency, assigns authority for dealing with an emergency, and provides a summary of the University’s Emergency Management Plan.

Policy 1150 “Staff Council” was revised to show that assistance is now provided by the Staff Council Office not the University Secretary. Exhibit A. of Policy 2425 “Recovery of Facilities & Administration Costs” was updated to include the new IDC rates.

Policy 2620 “Distribution of Pay” was revised to include more information on paymaster responsibilities.

Policy 3600 “Insurance Benefits” was revised to include new information on dependent coverage, coverage periods and retiree life insurance.

Exhibit A. of Policy 3700 “Tuition Remission” was updated to reflect new tuition rates. Exhibit C. “High Cost Destinations” of the Travel policy was updated to reflect changes made by the Internal Revenue Service.

Policy 7710 “Property Management and Control” was revised to comply with new accounting regulations.

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