Campus News - June 18, 2001

Purchasing association aims to revitalize

UNM and the Rio Grande Minority Purchasing Council (RGMPC) are working together to help strengthen the 25-year-old council through reorganization and revitalization efforts.

The mission of the Rio Grande Minority Purchasing Council is to work with minority owned businesses, small business and women owned businesses. More than 300 different companies are part of the RGMPC.

The efforts, spearheaded by Chris Fernandez of the UNM Purchasing Department and acting chairman of the RGMPC, as well as several others at UNM, include a revised business plan that deals with financial aspects of the nonprofit and what it can do within to strengthen the organization as a whole.

“We want to review the fundamental way of doing business,” Fernandez said. “We discovered ways we could reorganize when we started looking at the organization following several resignations. We took a hard look at the financial situation and felt we would be in a better position with a stronger organization if we reorganized. We want to determine what we can do for our business plan to become a stronger organization.”

“The University has taken a lead role and is involved with several subcommittees within the council,” said Fernandez. “UNM also plays an active role with minority and corporate businesses to help them meet the criteria of the council. The council is the only one in the state that caters exclusively to minorities, small business and women’s business.”

The organization plans to expand its membership and leadership group and look at ways to generate more revenue. Besides annual dues by its members, the RGMPC also has a trade fair (led by the UNM Valencia campus), an annual banquet and other functions including a monthly breakfast designed for networking.

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