Campus News - June 18, 2001


Research Professor Arthur H. Guenther of UNM’s Center for High Technology Materials has been awarded the New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Award by Governor Gary Johnson. Guenther has been influential in the promotion of optics/photonics, not only as an academic discipline, but also for its potential to impact economic development in New Mexico.


UNM Registrar Kathleen F. Sena will be named president-elect of the Rocky Mountain Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (RMACRAO) for a three-year term at the professional organization’s annual meeting in July.  She has served as treasurer since July 1999, and has been a member of the organization since 1989. She also served twice as local arrangements chairperson when New Mexico hosted regional summer conferences.  She has presented workshops related to project management, telephone registration, technology, and degree audit for the organization at the local, regional and national levels.


UNM Assistant Professor Roli Varma recently participated in a United Nations Expert Group meeting on “Managing Diversity in Civil Service” held at U.N. Headquarters in New York.

Varma teaches "Research Methods and Public Policy" for the School of Public Administration, and "Technology and Society" for the School of Engineering.

Varma presented the paper “Immigrants in the United States,” at the American Society of Public Administration’s National Conference in Newark, N.J. in mid-March. Following the presentation, she was invited participate in the U.N. meeting.

Topics of U.N. meeting included dimensions of diversity in civil service; global aspects of diversity; diversity for public service; and selected issues of diversity. Varma presented a paper titled “Asians in U.S. Public Service: Diversity, Achievements, and Glass Ceiling.”

The General Assembly of the U.N. elected to make 2001 “The Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations” and put forth the acceptance of diversity of tastes, ideas, beliefs and values as a basic precondition towards creative dialogue contributing to development and vitality to democratic governance.

Varma says the meeting tackled “diversity” from every possible angle. Experts and officials from the United States, South Africa, Iran, Trinidad & Tobago, and many others participated.

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