Campus News - June 18, 2001


Garcia’s computer technology career full of heart

By Laurie Mellas-Ramirez

Alice Garcia, User Support Analyst, Computer and Information Resources and TechnologyFollow the winding, yellowed hallways in the old CIRT building and eventually you come upon Alice Garcia – the label wizard.

“I love the Wizard of Oz,” Garcia reflects, glancing at a poster of Dorothy and crew on her office wall at UNM Computer and Information Resources and Technology. “I’m the Tin Man,” she notes, acknowledging that after 27 years with the department she could use a few squirts from the oil can.

Garcia, user support analyst, had the brain and courage after high school to enter the blossoming computer world.

She began with data entry and through the years put her heart into CIRT’s data control, operations support and currently applications support.

“I’ve done a little bit of everything,” she says. “I’ve dealt with a lot of different problems and learned from them so I could better know what people need.”

Garcia is probably best known for her work providing specialized mailing labels to departments. She can provide a break down list of labels of every group imaginable – graduating seniors, conference attendees, divisions and departments and even retirees receiving Campus News by U.S. Mail.

She also produces labels requested by outside entities including the University of Arizona and United States Marines. Can anyone have access to UNM’s lists?

“They have to have a legit reason,” Garcia explains. “The data owners have the final say.”

Garcia provides systems support within CIRT and maintains the job scheduling software. She also provides reprints of production reports by request.

“I started here when we were doing punch cards. Everything was very manual. We’ve come a long way with technology. It’s made my job less tedious, but more complex,” she says.

She enjoys her work, but there’s no place like home for Garcia. “I’m very family oriented,” she says. “My husband Michael and I have three wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren.”

“I’m a softball mom. I spend a lot of time at the fields,” says Garcia of her free time. “I volunteer to take score, run for ice, or whatever they need.”

Is retirement on the horizon?

“Not until my daughter graduates from high school. She’s too expensive right now,” Garcia jokes.

There's a few more years to go behind the curtain.

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