Campus News - June 4, 2001

Online instruction funded by CHE

UNM will extend instructional programs beyond main campus to anywhere a student has Internet access with its new Internet Instructional Pilot Project (IIPP), a Web-based education program funded by a $676,100 grant from the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education.

UNM’s Computer and Information Resources and Technology (CIRT) and Extended University teamed up for the project, managed by John Sobolewski, associate vice president for CIRT; Art St. George, advanced communications technologies manager, and Richard Howell, special assistant to the vice provost for Extended University.

IIPP replaces an older online instruction program, the Internet Pilot Project, which uses different software and expires in October. Classes created during the older program are being moved to the new project.

IIPP addresses strategies for instruction, institutional business functions and the information technology infrastructure needed to support Web-based instruction. Funds for the project come from the $58.2 million General Obligation Bond Issue B approved by New Mexico voters last November.

Educational requirements include Internet course production, delivery and support, including online access to tutoring and library services. Infrastructure requirements include real time, two-way audio and video conferencing over IP networks and on-demand playback of video taped and digitally stored lectures.

CIRT will provide the infrastructure for the project. UNM’s New Media and Extended Learning Group (NMELG), formerly known as Multimedia Services, will jointly develop course content and delivery with UNM faculty.

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