Campus News - June 4, 2001

Tamarind's 'Artext' to join city display

By Michael Padilla

Tamarind Institute is currently working on a project called Artext. Once completed, the project will be part of the City of Albuquerque public art collection and will be on display in the downtown branch of the Albuquerque Public Library.

Marjorie Devon, institute director, said 10 artists are making monotypes inspired by texts of their own choosing. Five of the artists were invited to participate in the project while the other five were selected from a application process open only to New Mexico artists. Devon said the artists were encouraged to use a wide variety of source material.

“Many artists are inspired by writers, as are writers inspired by visual artists,” said Devon. “We have done several projects related to this idea. One project dealt with artists from nine countries in South America, each of whom selected a different poem by the Chilean statesman and poet laureate, Pablo Neruda.”

Artext artists and their text inspirations include: Hung Liu (ancient Chinese poem); William Wiley (Elias Canetti, “The Human Province”) Georgia Marsh (poet, Bob Grenier, untitled poem ); DeLoss McGraw ( Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland”); Enrique Chagoya (Sor Juana de la Cruz, “The Divine Narcissus”); Jaune Quick-to-See Smith (working on project); Robert Pelegrin (Joseph Campbell, “The Hero with A Thousand Faces”); LaVerne Harper (Robert Frost, “Birches”); Susan Linnell (collaboration with school children who will write the text); and Spencer Kimball (text from Wild West Weekly, 1942).

Devon said Tamarind’s printers are assisting the artists with the printing of their monotypes. Six artists have completed their work; the remaining four will be finished by the end of June.

Jane Spraque, City of Albuquerque public art coordinator, said the project is a community-based, collaborative initiative, which will provide intriguing and beautiful works of art for library visitors.

A committee appointed by the Albuquerque Arts Board, consisting of representatives from the library, Tamarind Institute and arts professionals, will select two monotypes by each of the artists.

The two monotypes, together with the relevant texts (printed in handset letterpress) will be on permanent display in the downtown main library.

The project is funded by the city, Public Art Program and One Percent (1%) for Art.

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