Campus News - November 12, 2001

Human Resources News

By Susan A. Carkeek, Associate Vice President/Director
Human Resources Department

Staff Job Finder available on email

The web-based Staff Job Finder is the newest innovation from the EMIS Project. Our special thanks go to the folks at CIRT for developing this feature.

Designed to help anyone looking for a staff job at UNM, the Job Finder will email messages about new job postings to anyone who requests them. A state-of-the-art recruitment tool, this application allows applicants to search UNM job titles, choose those of most interest, and sign up to be notified when an opening occurs. Applicants can customize their search of job titles by job family, education, salary, and supervisory duties.

A recent user of the Job Finder told us: “What a great way to look for a job! I found jobs I didn’t know existed at UNM. And I love the idea of getting emails when openings occur. This is definitely a “wow!”

To try the Staff Job Finder, go to, and set up your personal account. The Job Finder went online last week, and we are still testing it, so please let us know us know how you like it and if you have suggestions for us. You can contact Fred Youberg at with your feedback.

Performance Review Selected as Effective Practice

UNM’s new Performance Review system has been selected as an Effective HR Practice by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources. The Performance Review system, implemented in 2000, was designed to complement UNM’s strategic direction and the President’s emphasis on collaboration and community. The Performance Review system supports collaboration among employees and supervisors in planning, setting goals, and coaching.

The Performance Review system was implemented with a multi-focused plan that included a print and web-based guidebook, a web-based training for supervisors, Spanish-language versions of documents, an interactive version of the new performance review form, two internal consultants dedicated to training and implementation support who developed several live training classes, the development of sample job standards and a detailed communication plan that led to fliers, articles and publication of Frequently Asked Questions documents.

We are pleased to report that, in addition to the honor of being selected as an Effective HR Practice, the UNM Performance Review project was also forwarded to the Council of Higher Education Management Associations for placement on a website devoted to effective practices in higher education.

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