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November 12, 2001 --- Volume 37, Number 9


  • David Stuart
  • Howard Waitzkin

In Brief

  • Gordon to stay at UNM
  • Give and take continuing eduction classes
  • UNM ranked for materials science citations
  • Library dean is on leave
  • Signed language interpreters available

Calendar and Exhibits


You're Invited

President and Mrs. William C. Gordon cordially invite you to join them for cookies,
cider and music.

Faculty welcomed
Photo by Carolyn Gonzales.

(From left): Line Picard guest of Reza Mehran, new professor of thoracic surgery, and Sherri Burr, UNM School of Law and member of the New Faculty Committee, get acquainted at President and Mrs. Gordonís annual dinner for new faculty in Zimmerman Library. Mehran, from Ottawa, Canada, wears medals awarded from his Canadian Army MASH unit.


  • Drew Parsons

Human Resources News

  • Staff Job Finder available on email
  • Performance Review Selected as Effective Practice


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