Campus News - November 12, 2001


Parsons prepares, pushes students to enter work world

By Steve Carr

Drew Parsons,Drew Parsons has a motto – “Get a job!”

As manager of Advisement and Placement at the Robert O. Anderson School and Graduate School of Management at UNM, that’s exactly what Parsons helps students do.

“We have lots of success stories here,” Parsons said. “I feel like I am the last guy they see in college and I’m the one pushing them out of the airplane saying ‘Jump!’ It’s time for you to get a job!”

Parsons responsibilities include recruiting high school students, freshman and sophomore outreach recruitment, academic

advisement center operations, job search coaching and placement services for undergraduates, graduate students and alumni.
“Also included in that mix are employer relations involving interaction with organizations that are here to hire business students,” Parsons said.

He focuses on the front end, the recruitment and outreach and on job placement, while the academic and advisement team handles everything else.“We’re really geared towards employers who have a specific interest in recruiting business students,” Parsons said.

“We’re sort of a custom shop here on campus. We work with local, regional and national companies for both part-time and full-time jobs and internships. I think we’ve been fairly successful. Right now we’re averaging 85 to 90 percent placement rate within three months of graduation.”

Parsons also teaches Career Management Skills, a seven-week seminar, at the Anderson Schools.

“We work students to develop their personal marketing skills - how they present themselves on paper with cover letters, resumes and in person in an interview,” he said. “We utilize community business people to come in and conduct mock interviews. We also teach the basics on how to organize a job search and how to evaluate an offer. We’re a resource for the student and the alums as well.

Parsons came to the UNM nine years ago when he accepted a position as an employment representative in the Human Resources Department. He’s been in the Advisement and Placement Office at the Anderson Schools for more than three years.

In his spare time, Parsons enjoys reading fiction, science fiction and fantasy novels as well as skiing and lap swimming. It’s not unusual to find him skiing at Sandia Peak, swimming at Midtown Sports and Wellness or curled up with a good book.

“I like reading books that stir up the imagination,” Parsons said. “Yes, I’ll read my Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine and Business Week, but there comes a time when you really reach the saturation point and you want to get away from it all.”

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