Campus News - October 15, 2001

Human Resources

Report on HR surveys

By Susan A. Carkeek, Associate Vice President/ Director Human Resources

Catastrophic Leave Survey

A campus committee formed to evaluate the catastrophic leave program recently surveyed UNM staff about options for changing the program. Concerns had been raised about whether the program was meeting the needs of staff deprived of income due to their own or a family member’s catastrophic illness. In the year 2000, only 40 percent of requests for catastrophic leave could be granted because not enough hours were donated to cover all requests.

Staff responded to three options: 1) continue with the current policy unchanged, where staff make donations of annual leave to those requesting catastrophic leave; 2) an automatic enrollment option where staff would donate eight hours of annual leave per year to fund a bank that would be used for catastrophic leave requests - only those contributing to the bank would be eligible for catastrophic leave; and 3) a yearly campaign option where staff would enroll in a manner similar to the United Way campaign.

Of the 1,277 staff who responded to the survey, 61.4 percent preferred the automatic enrollment, option 2. 22.2 percent preferred to leave the current policy unchanged, and 13.4 percent preferred the yearly campaign option.

The results of this survey are being reviewed by the Catastrophic Leave Committee. They are developing recommendations to be forwarded to the administration. We will keep you informed of upcoming changes. Implementation of any changes to the policy would not be expected to occur until the 2002-2003 fiscal year.

Performance Review Being Evaluated

During the last two months, we have been evaluating the use of the new performance review process on campus. One hundred staff participated in nine focus groups, and 500 staff completed an online survey of the performance review process. In addition, we audited 100 written performance reviews, looking at each section of the form to ascertain if it included goals, standards, description of results, summary comments, and career development plans. We also looked for consistency in ratings.

Our thanks to all of you who participated in a focus group or who completed the recent online survey. Your feedback is important to us. We are now reviewing and compiling the data collected, and will be making recommendations in the next few months.

Written performance reviews, for work performed in 2001, are due in the period January through March, 2002. For this review period, there will be no changes to the performance review process or form. Any changes to performance review that may result from the current evaluation process will be effective for work performed in 2002 and for reviews prepared in the first quarter of 2003.

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