Campus News - October 29, 2001

United Blood Services draws on U

By Carolyn Gonzales

The UNM General Library and other campus groups team up with United Blood Services (UBS) for the fourth year to sponsor a blood drive Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 29-30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We have an opportunity to help United Blood Services on the campus and also to respond positively to the tragic events of Tuesday morning, September 11,” says Jan Dodson Barnhart, the library’s executive assistant to the dean.

The goal is to raise 400 pints of blood during the drive to be held at three campus sites. “Since UBS requires 250 pints daily to keep up with their needs in New Mexico and the four corners region, there is always a critical need,” says Nancy Troutman, UBS community relations.

People can donate blood in Zimmerman Library, at the UBS bus parked just west of the Visitor Lot near the Center for the Arts and on Monday only, at a bus parked at the North Golf Course Parking Lot.

“Many people donated blood following the tragedies. Those blood supplies will either be exhausted or expired by the end of October,” said Troutman.

Widespread participation is needed because:

* Anyone who was in the United Kingdom between 1980-1996 is deferred for life from giving blood because of Mad Cow disease and lack of a screening test.
*Less than 4 percent of the eligible population of blood donors participate and individuals can donate blood only every 56 days.
*Anyone who has gotten a tattoo in the last year is deferred. Although tattoo artists use a new needle for each customer, they reuse the ink driving up the number of Hepatitis C cases. Not only will those individuals be ineligible to give blood, they will be future recipients.
*O negative blood is always needed because it is the universal donor type, but only 6 percent of the population has it.

“We want this drive to stand for the University community as a whole. We will do our part to heal the country’s wounds,” says Robert Migneault, dean, General Library.

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